Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations- und Migrationsforschung

Shifting solidarities? The Research-Intervention-Cluster on flight and solidarization

The so-called “summer of migration” in the year 2015 has fueled hopes and expectations in the field of Migration and Integration Research. The different situations that refugees face in Europe raise questions that all involved parties want to see answered in a quick and accurate way.

By establishing the present Research-Intervention-Cluster, the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research reacts to the growing number of flight movement towards Europe and the associated requirement towards the social sciences to deliver research that accompanies this societal momentum.

The manifold themes of this Research-Cluster reflect the many areas, in which the need of knowledge and understanding is required – what ties all the projects together is that they all question what stands behind the often-quoted “welcoming culture” in Germany and Europe.

“Shifting Solidarities?” was established in April 2016 at the Berlin Institute for Integration and Migration Research as an association of different research and intervention projects and is funded by the Federal Governmen’s Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.