Georg-Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies

Urban Research Group: New Urban Tourism


Tourism is making a much larger imprint on city life than ever before. This not only shows itself in terms of constantly growing numbers visiting tourist attractions and traditional “hot spots”, but also in the ever increasing new form of intensive tourism spilling into gentrified residential areas and neighborhoods adjacent to town centers not previously touched by tourism. This is breaking fresh ground.These so called new tourism areas are characterized by a complex “co-production and -consumption of urban space” by tourists and local inhabitants. This has led to previously unknown parallel uses of the city scape, as the potential for adventure, amusement and general exploration of the local topography is becoming stronger than ever ,resulting in a greater variety in the way that urban space is utilized. Local residents are becoming Airbnb-hosts, service providers or private tour guides.

Tourism, however, brings about a broader range of cultural activities and a more diverse restaurant trade due to increased demand. Simultaneously this creates conflicts between local residents and party-going tourists who are perceived as creating noise conflict. These and further phenomenon of co-production and -consumption „ of tourist“-locations raise numerous questions regarding Mobility Turns for interdisciplinary urban(tourism) research.

In order to focus the increasing research interest into the theme-complex of New Urban Tourism / Touristification / New Mobilities, a group of PhD students and Post-Docs developed to deal with these topics. In the process and in accordance with the philosophy of the Georg Simmel Center for Metropolitan Studies which explicitly strives to bring together diverse disciplinary and theoretical-conceptual perspectives. It is planned that publication proposals will be developed and implemented. It is also envisaged that a resulting expert conference should take place. 


Christoph Sommer (HU Berlin), Natalie Stors (Universität Trier), Luise Stoltenberg (Universität Hamburg), Thomas Frisch (Universität Hamburg), Florian Eggli (Hochschule Luzern/Universität Lausanne), Claus Müller (TU Berlin), Nils Grube (TU Berlin), Agnetha Bartels (Universität Hildesheim)

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