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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Enhancing digital teaching

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | bologna.lab | Enhancing Digital Teaching | Contact Information and Technical Support

Contact Information and Technical Support



Copyright: Janina Hundert

If you have any questions about...
  • video recording of your classes and its technical issues

  • where to borrow technical equipment and how to use it (cameras, microfones etc.)

  • how to use software recommended by HU for teaching purposes


...you can contact:


HU’s Computer und Media Service (CMS)

Staff members of CMS will help you with all questions regarding HU’s digital infrastruture. They can give advice on equipment and how to use it to record your class. For indivual contact information please visit the CMS‘ website.. You might be interested particularly in the following CMS services:




Staff members of bologna.lab will support you and give you advice regarding the planning and concept of digital learning environments and online classes. 


Please send us an e-mail: digitale-lehre@hu-berlin.de



Further support:


Task Force Infrastructures for Digital Teaching and Learning

The task force seeks to promote exchange on all questions about digital teaching. In order to find out about current topics and events, please subscribe to the course on Moodle. You can get the passwort for the course from the course instructors.