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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Enhancing digital teaching

Legal Issues of Digital Teaching


When you are putting together materials for your online class (e.g. video recording of classes, using and adapting OER (Open Educational Resources), using images from the internet etc) legal issues are important to keep in mind (copyright issues, image rights etc.). In order to give you an overview on existing rules and regulations, we have put together a comprehensive – by no means exhaustive- list.

Please always check if your project is in line with existing copyright & image right regulations.


Guidelines and some practical hints and tips:


  • Hochschulforum Digitalisierung: Markus Faller (August 2015)

Rechtsfragen zu digitalen Lehrformaten (PDF) (German)


  • Multimedia Kontor Hamburg: Till Kreuzer & Tom Hirche (October 2017)

Rechtsfragen zur Digitalisierung in der Lehre - Praxisleitfaden zum Recht bei E-Learning, OER und Open Content (PDF) (German)


  • Technische Universität Berlin (January 2016)

Leitfaden Urheberrecht der Technischen Universität Berlin, unter Berücksichtigung der multimedialen Lehre (PDF) (German)


  • E-Assessment NRW, Nikolaus Forgó, Simon Graupe & Julia Pfeiffenbring (June 2016)

Rechtliche Aspekte von E-Assessments an Hochschulen (PDF) (German)


  • Jointly, David Pachali & Henry Steinhau, iRights.info (July 2017)

Kombinieren, Bearbeiten, Remixen – OER richtig verwenden (PDF) (German)


  • Jointly, David Pachali und Henry Steinhau, iRights.info (November 2017)

Was ist Creative Commons Zero? (PDF) (German)


  • Jointly, Henry Steinhau, iRights.info (June 2017)

Fünf Tipps für gutes Lizensieren von OER (PDF) (German)



Image rights, Copyright and Usage Rights


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

HU's Computer and Media Service has published a list of FAQs (in German), which gives a valid overview on image and copyright issues concerncing the usage of imgaes and maps as well as advice on how to use images particularly for members of HU.


Other Helpful Websites (German Universities):
  • For an explanation (in English) regarding the difference between copyright and usage right, please go to this website of the University of Cologne
  •   You find an overview on using images for teaching purposes and on the right to the protections of one’s image on this website of the University of Passau