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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Enhancing digital teaching


Award for Excellence in Teaching 2020: "digital teaching and learning"

For the 2020 Humboldt-Universität award for excellence in teaching, we are looking for teaching staff who succeeded in realising the potential of digital teaching formats under the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Further information on the call for submissions can he found here (link).

You can use the online form below until 19. February 2021  to nominate teaching staff or classes, which succeeded in motivating students in an exemplary fashion and afforded them with opportunities for active participation. You can nominate all and any formats with a strong digital component, irrespective of whether they were planned as digital formats or rapidly converted to an online format as a consequence of the pandemic.

You can either nominate individual members of staff, teaching teams or entire academic units (departments, institutes, etc).

Eligible are all courses offered throughout the three semesters from Winter 2019/20, Summer 2020 to the current Winter semester 2020/21.

Once you have submitted your nomination, you should receive an automated reply to acknowledge that we have received it. The nominated members of staff will be informed of your nomination (without giving your name).


Personal Information
Information on the lecturer you would like to nominate
Information on the course
Course type   What type of course would you like to nominate?

Guiding questions on the course Guiding questions: Please try to explain why you have nominated this particular teach-ing format for the award using the guiding questions below. The more detail you pro-vide and the more concrete your description of what was exceptional about the nomi-nated format, the easier it will be for the jury to evaluate the teaching concept which the nominated person or teaching team will be asked to provide.