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Call for Applications: Teaching assignments in the Berlin Perspectives module for international students (Summer Semester 2019)

As part of the Berlin Perspectives module for international exchange students, the bologna.lab is offering up to 12 supplementary teaching contracts (Lehraufträge) for the Summer Semester 2019 (mid-April to mid-July).

Teaching assignments for English-speaking seminars


About Berlin Perspectives

Berlin Perspectives is an interdisciplinary elective module at bachelor level aimed at international exchange students of all disciplines who are studying for a semester or two at Humboldt-Universität and whose knowledge of the German academic language and culture are not yet advanced enough to allow them to complete all their courses in German.

Berlin Perspectives aims to include students' diverse backgrounds and experiences into the learning process and to encourage a multi-perspectival, international classroom.

Throughout their semester, students develop content knowledge as well as intercultural and academic skills, while at the same time learning to reflect critically on the cultural and linguistic positionality of knowledge.


Developing international teaching competence

Berlin Perspectives offers lecturers the opportunity to sharpen and expand their international teaching profile, and to further develop their teaching skills within a diverse, intercultural learning setting.

During the semester, Berlin Perspectives supports lecturers via ongoing peer support as well as intercultural training workshops, which we offer free of charge to our teaching staff.



Berlin Perspectives sees itself as a regionally anchored seminar programme, with Berlin - in all its historical and socio-cultural diversity - serving as a prism through which students get to grips with aspects of German history, culture, art and society.

Berlin Perspectives seminars are offered within the following subject areas:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Language and Literature


Language and Methods

Seminars are taught in English, German, or in bilingual formats. Berlin Perspectives is situated with the EMI spectrum (English as a medium of instruction in Higher Education), and encourages polyglot and multi-perspectival learning within this heterogenous learning setting. To this purpose, we look not only for course content of a high academic standard, but also specifically for a clear, didactic concept of how to communicate the course contents in an international classroom.

Seminars are open to students of all disciplines. Berlin Perspectives seminars use a variety of interactive, student-centred working methods to provide them with both subject knowledge and key skills required for independent academic work (graduate attributes). We specifically welcome interdisciplinary course proposals, and proposals which favour diverse learning and assessment methods. In consultation with teachers, assessments can be completed in German or English (and, where applicable, in other languages).


Application requirements


We are looking for committed academics from the arts and humanities, social sciences and economics who are willing to bring their linguistic and academic skills to bear in helping to shape the Berlin Perspectives module.

We would like to see:

  • Excellent command of spoken and written English
  • An interest in multilingual and intercultural academic teaching and in dovetailing academic and linguistic training
  • Experience in dealing with international and heterogeneous groups of students
  • Experience in teaching non-native speakers
  • An interest in higher education pedagogy
  • Proficiency in e-learning methods (Moodle)


The teaching assignment includes participation in three staff meetings per semester.


For English course proposals, please submit the following:
  • Letter of motivation
  • Academic CV
  • Course proposal (2-3 pages) in English including the following information:
    • Course title and description (either weekly or bi-weekly course)
    • Relevance of topic for Berlin Perspectives / target student group
    • Learning objectives: what will students learn and why is it important?
    • Subject area: Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, or Language and Literature.
    • Short description of individual course sessions
    • Course assessment. We welcome diverse, non-traditional assessment forms, that encourage students to critically reflect on their learning process
    • Bibliography
  • Commentary on language and methodology of your course, bearing in mind a culturally diverse seminar group
  • Short course description in English, which may be used as the basis for the Humboldt course directory.
  • For applicants from third countries (non-EU): Please note that a valid work permit is required for a teching assignment (Lehrauftrag) in Germany.

Please note: lectureships are paid in accordance with the regulations of Humboldt-Universität (summer semester 2019: 35,00 € per course hour/45 min + 25,00 € per student/exam). Travel costs cannot be reimbursed.


Deadline for proposals for the Summer Semester 2019:

30 November 2018


Application procedure

Please send your complete application - preferably in digital form as one single pdf file - to:


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Berlin Perspectives
Dr. Monika Sonntag / Wolfgang Deicke
Hausvogteiplatz 5-7
10117 Berlin


Download: Call for applications for the summer semester 2019 as pdf document.