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Information for Students

In its practical work with objects of knowledge, »Diversity of Knowledge« combines applied interdisciplinarity with critical self-examination. It provides foundations for interdisciplinary collaborative work and promotes the development of soft skills relevant both to (academic) knowledge and to the labour market.


Status and Accreditation of Teaching Assignments in the Interdisciplinary Special Subject Area (ÜWP)

As of Winter Semester 2014/15, the modules »Diversity of Knowledge«: Theories and History (Module 1) and »Diversity of Knowledge«: Analyses and Methods (Module 2) are on offer within the study programme with 5 credit points per module). Module 1 comprises a lecture and a seminar; module 2 comprises a seminar and a workshop. While you will receive study credits for your participation in one or both of the »Diversity of Knowledge« Modules (PDF), you will receive marks (grades) for work in the interdisciplinary general studies area (ÜWP). »Diversity of Knowledge«, like all modules in the ÜWP, does not have an end-of-term exam.


Status and Accreditation of Teaching Assignments in the BZQ Area, General Studies, or similar (Study Regulations from before Winter Semester 2014/15)

»Diversity of Knowledge« is on offer to all bachelor students at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and counts for 10 credit points in the course of a bachelor degree. Accreditation is carried out in consultation with the individual examining boards of existing courses, e.g. in the BZQ area or – if they exist – in optional areas. It is unfortunately not possible to have work marked in the study programme.

Subject to availability of places, it is also possible for students to attend individual seminars and for students from other Berlin universities to participate.


Course(s) attended

Credit points

End-of-semester assignment

Complete programme »Diversity of Knowledge« 

10 LP



4 CP: participation, preparation and follow-up (2 CP) and one or more specific assignments (2 CP)

End-of-semester assignments can be: written assignments or multi-modal assignments (e.g. podcast, blog post, exhibition, etc.) 

For further information, see Appendix 1 of the »Diversity of Knowledge« module description 


2 CP: participation (1 CP), preparation and follow-up (1 CP)

No end-of-semester assignment is scheduled for the lecture