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Laura Schilow


For information on the Q-Programme please write to:


Laura Schilow

+49 30 2093-70807

Raum: 0101-0103  

Laura Schilow is responsible for the Q-Programme on research-based learning in the bologna.lab with the aim of strengthening the connection between research and teaching at the university.

In cooperation with "Studieren in Teilzeit" and "Studium und Spitzensport", she developed information offers on digital teaching-learning formats in 2020. 

For teachers, she offers workshops on didactic topics in research-based learning and digital teaching.

Laura Schilow studied Library and Information Science and Cultural Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. During her first degree in English and Italian Studies at the University of Leipzig, she was involved in extracurricular youth education offering project days on democracy and the world of work. This work and the experiences from her previous studies motivated her to become involved in improving teaching at the university.