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Circle U.-Teams

Circle U.-Teams are international digital seminars in an innovative teaching-learning format, initiated by postdocs or doctoral students from the partner universities of Circle U.

About the Circle U.-Teams

As part of the Circle U., the Circle U.-Teams at bologna.lab (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) aim to open up scope for innovative, international teaching and learning from the Bachelor's degree onwards.

The Circle U.-Team itself consists of at least 5 students of the Circle U. universities, who actively work on the study project and gain their first experience in an international and interdisciplinary team.

Circle U.-Teams are digital seminars in an innovative teaching-learning format, initiated by postdocs or doctoral students.

They must meet a number of conditions and criteria. The Circle U.-Teams:

  • focus didactically on student-centered participation and science mediation
  • are open to students experiencing small scale research
  • enable students to co-design the study project
  • let students actively participate in the process
  • foster student collaboration towards a final product

The applications are assessed by an interdisciplinary selection committee. The guiding questions for the selection committee include the study project, the student participation, and the didactic concept. 


Application to teach a Circle U.-Team

The planned project has to be offered in English and has to be related to at least one of the Circle U. Knowledge Hubs: Climate, Democracy and Global Health.

The Circle U.-Team should be open to Bachelor's and Master's students from different partner universities and different subjects, so that interdisciplinary and international perspectives on the subject matter are possible. 

The proposed innovative teaching-learning projects could be:

  • projects with a focus on social engagement
  • projects that engage the public
  • projects that aim at science communication
  • projects aimed at the overarching competence development of the students
  • projects that allow the students to experience contextual learning
  • projects with a focus on connecting the students' physical surroundings to the topic


The application consists of the chairs agreement, the project proposal and the cv. Please read our detailed call for application

The application period for winter semster 2022/23 ends 24 August 2022.





For further information on the content of your application you can contact us at Please note that we are on holiday from 27th July until 22nd August. 


Overview of our Circle U.-Teams 

A short summary of all Circle U.-Teams and information on how students can apply to be part of the Team can be found on the page on our Circle U.-Courses.