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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Enhancing digital teaching

Call for Nominations 2018

In the academic year of 2018/19 the Humboldt-University´s annual Award for Exellence in Teaching will be granted to lecturers embracing the subject of “Berlin as a site for teaching and learning” in their course design. All classes held during the winter term 2017/18, summer term 2018 and winter term 2018/19 are eligible for nomination (due to a new awarding cycle).

Berlin is a unique place in terms of education and research. As German capital and metropolis, Berlin offers multifaceted opportunities and resources to link academic teaching and the city. This year´s Humboldt Award for Excellence in Teaching will honour lecturers who manage to incorporate Berlin as a site of teaching and learning in their academic classes in an exemplary fashion.

Nominations are eligible for courses that actively involve, e.g.

  • research institutions (e.g. non-university research institutions, museums, collections, archives),
  • political institutions and civil society actors (e.g. Bundestag, foundations, NGOs, social movements),
  • cultural and religious institutions (e.g. media or broadcasting corporations, community centres, theatres, concert halls),
  • educational institutions (e.g. schools or kindergardens),
  • businesses (e.g. start-ups),
  • public urban spaces (as learning sites or research subject)

in their teaching, or courses that distinctly feature Berlin-related topics as an essential part of their syllabus.



All classes are eligible for nominated which can demonstrate close and active collaborations with and involvement of local institutions is in terms of their contents and teaching practices.

These collaborations with “Berlin as a site of learning” are possible in different ways: it can involve inviting local experts to hold guest lectures; it could mean relocating the sessions (also partially) to relevant sites of partner institution(-s), or could consist of joint use of external resources (technical equipment, data, artefacts, etc.).

Similarly, the board will consider courses that

  • explore topics and research questions specific to Berlin as an essential part of their outline.
  • encourage teachers and students to conduct research for, or with partner institutions within the course framework
  • analyse specific urban spaces in terms of their significance and role or uses in Berlin´s daily routines.


If you can recall a class taught between the winter semester 2017/18and winter semester 2018/19 that considers Berlin´s resources for teaching and learning in an exceptional way, we are looking forward to receiving your nomination for the Humboldt Award for Excellence in Teaching 2018! All members of the Humboldt-University Berlin are entitled to propose (other) members of the Humboldt-University for the award. The deadline is January, 31st, 2019. Please, use the online form to nominate a candidate:


Go to online nomination form


The Humboldt Award for Good Teaching may only be granted to lecturers with a proper institutional affiliation with the HU. This includes for professors, research/teaching assistents (wiss. MA), lecturers (LfbA), and student tutors. Irrespective of the type of course nominations are accepted for single teaching and co-teaching formats, as well as whole organizational units (e.g. chairs or departments) alike. We kindly ask you to refrain from nominating your own classes.