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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Enhancing digital teaching

Call for Nominations 2020

Humboldt-Universität’s award for excellence in teaching is an annual, thematically focused award. For the academic year 2019/20, the award’s theme is „digital teaching and learning“.


We are looking for nominations of teaching staff who did exceptionally well in realising the potential of digital teaching and learning formats during the rapid transition to online-teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are particularly interested in nominations of teaching staff and teaching formats which provided students which motivated students to engage and created opportunities for active participation.


Eligible for nomination are all teaching formats with a strong digital component, irrespective of whether they were originally planned as a digital format or rapidly converted to an online format due to the pandemic. With regards to student feedback on the Summer semester, examples could include:

  • Blended-learning formats in the „flipped classroom“-mode, that gave students the opportunity to prepare individually online and used video conferences or other synchronous formats for active discussions of the materials worked on in preparation.
  • Asynchronous online formats that enabled students to successfully study in their own time, independently of time or place.
  • Synchronous online formats („virtual classes“) that succeeded in getting students to engage in discussions and successfully facilitated online collaboration outside of the virtual classroom.
  • Formats which supported students in structuring and keeping control of their independent online learning processes via  and/or combinations of digital tools and activities.
  • Taught courses which developed successful alternative formats for the digital assessment process (exams, coursework, etc.).
  • Formats which, in addition to gaining subject knowledge, helped students to expand their digital competencies.

If you can think of any classes from the three preceding semesters (Winter 2019/20, Summer 2020 or the ongoing Winter semester  2020/21) which managed to realise the potential of digital teaching and learning formats in an exceptional fashion, please nominate them for the Humboldt-Universität award for excellence in teaching and learning (you can submit more than one nomination).

All members of Humboldt-Universität can nominate other members of the university via our online nominations form. The deadline for nominations is 19.02.2021.Only teaching staff with a link to an academic unit at Humboldt-Universität are eligible to receive the award. This includes professors, teaching and research staff, lecturers, lectors and student tutors. You can nominate both individual members of staff or teaching teams, as well as entire departments or academic units. We would ask you to refrain from self-nominations. Further information can be found under Procedure& Jury.