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Humboldt-Universität's Day of Teaching and Learning

Each summer semester, Humboldt-Universität takes a "Dies Academicus" to reflect upon particular aspects of teaching and learning and to celebrate outstanding achievements in teaching. This year, on Thursday 27 June 2024, we will focus on the topics of internationalisation and multi-perspectivity.

In focussing on multi-perspectivity and internationalisation in teaching and learning, we are addressing a cross-cutting task from Humboldt-Universität's newly agreed mission statement on teaching and learning. The guiding question for HU's day of Teaching is, therefore, what staff, students, individual departments, the university's faculties and administration can do to embrace multi-perspectivity and to identify how and where our curricula can benefit from internationalisation.

As "international teaching and learning" is also the focus of Humboldt-Universität's award for excellence in teaching, we also look forward to some inspiring examples of good practice at HU. 




13:00-13:30 Stream           Welcome to the Dies Academicus

Prof Dr Niels Pinkwart (Vice President for Academic Affairs) and
Dr Yoan Vilain (Presidential Representative for International and European Affairs)


13:30-16:00 Faculties/Institutes  Local events across the university (details to follow)


16:00-18:00 Senate Hall/hybrid  Panel discussion

Perspectives on "International Teaching and Learning"
with contributions from students and finalists for the Award for Excellence in teaching


from 18:00 Senate Hall/Stream   Award Ceremony

Prize for Excellence in Teaching 2023
"International teaching and learning"


Everyone is invited to contribute!

Between 1.30 p.m. and 4 p.m. all institutions at HU have the opportunity to discuss experiences, challenges, ideas and needs relating to international teaching and learning. Use this dies academicus at your institution and make your commitment visible.

Everyone is welcome!

From 3 pm the senate Hall will become an Open Space for you to get to know HU projects and initiatives on the topics of internationalisation and multi-perspectivity.