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Humboldt Award for Excellence in Teaching

Outstanding teaching is an important touchstone for the quality of our university, because according to Humboldt’s ideal, research can only be successful when it is closely associated with learning. Every year, the ‘Humboldt Award for Good Teaching’ rewards successful and innovative teachers and teaching concepts implemented in the course of regular teaching at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). By focusing different aspects of good teaching each year, the award aims to stimulate a broad discussion. The HU endows a prize of 10,000 euros to be used for teaching purposes as the award winner sees fit.


The new call for nominations is online!

In the academic year of 2018/19 the Humboldt-University´s annual Award for Exellence in Teaching will be granted to lecturers embracing the subject of “Berlin as a site for teaching and learning” in their course design. More information on how to nominate a candidate can be found here. The deadline for nominations is January, 31st, 2019.

All nominees will be informed of their nomination. Those who make it into the final round of the selection process will be invited to present their class or project at the Humboldt Tag der Lehre 2019 (GER) on 08. April 2019. If your nomination makes it through to the final round, you will also be notified on/around 22.02.2019. (You are, of course, warmly invited to attend the Humboldt Tag der Lehre in any case!).





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