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Humboldt Bachelor

The Humboldt Bachelor, an interdisciplinary programme of studies which is currently being developed, will be offered as a secondary subject in the combined bachelor programme. The aim of the study programme is to equip students with cross-disciplinary and reflective skills.


What is the Humboldt Bachelor?

The Humboldt Bachelor is an innovative programme of studies with an interdisciplinary focus. With this programme, the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) aims to develop the idea of a general studies course stimulating interdisciplinary orientation and a reflective understanding of knowledge. Unlike the usual general studies programme, the Humboldt Bachelor offers a structured programme that combines general orientation in the humanities with the study of topical social issues. The course promotes interdisciplinary skills and gives students scope for personal development and the opportunity for an in-depth exploration of specific topics.

Who is eligible for the Humboldt Bachelor?

The Humboldt Bachelor is aimed at students of various subjects. As secondary subject in the combined bachelor programme without teacher training (Lehramtsoption), the course can be combined with numerous core subjects.

Who is developing the Humboldt Bachelor?

The Humboldt Bachelor is being designed by the bologna.lab in collaboration with the Hermann von Helmholtz Centre for Cultural Technology (HZK) and university teaching staff from a wide range of faculties and disciplines. The Humboldt Bachelor will be institutionally located at the HZK. If you are a member of the university teaching staff at the HU and would like to support this interdisciplinary programme, you are warmly invited to get involved.