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Study and High-Performance Sport

The sub-project ‘Study and High-Performance Sport’ aims to facilitate a dual career for high-performance sportsmen and women at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) and to develop flexible solutions for combining competitive sport and higher education.

As part of the bologna-lab’s focus on ‘Flexibilisation’, the HU support team for high-performance sport works in close cooperation with the Olympia Support Centre Berlin (OSP Berlin), the HU Centre for University Sports and the various departments and administrative and service sectors of the university.

Within our university-wide support system, high-performance sportsmen and women studying at the HU are supported by specialist mentors in organising and planning their studies. This is supplemented by the student mentoring programme ‘Athletes to Mentee’ which puts high-performance sportsmen and women at the HU in touch with one another to allow them to advise and help each other.

High-performance sportsmen and women studying at the HU are warmly invited to enrol on our accompanying Moodle course ‘Supporting High-Performance Sport at the HU Berlin’!

 ‘Supporting High-Performance Sport’ website