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Call for Nominations 2022

Humboldt-Universität’s award for excellence in teaching is an annual, thematically focused award.

In the academic year 2022 it will be awarded on the topic of "collaboration". For this year's Award for excellence in Teaching, teachers and teaching concepts are being sought who have succeeded in an outstanding way to enable collaborative projects. In particular, teachers, teaching and learning concepts and institutions are sought here who have supported students to work and discuss together and who have succeeded in involving students in the development of a joint project.


All events that focus on students jointly constructing knowledge and producing a collective result can be nominated. These could be, for example:
- Events that allow students to work in teams or groups to complete a common task.
- approaches in which students work with external partners, e.g. international institutions
- Concepts of participatory teaching development, in which students work with teachers to develop teaching elements for future semesters.
- Concepts of social engagement, in which students work together with non-university partners in the application area to find solutions
- Cross-institutional concepts that enable students to work together across subjects to achieve a result


Can you think of courses from the winter semester 21/22, the summer semester 2022 or the winter semester 2022/23 in which the potential of digitally supported teaching has been used particularly successfully? Then nominate them until February 5, 2023 for the Humboldt-Universität award for excellence in teaching and learning (you can submit more than one nomination).

All members of Humboldt-Universität can nominate other members of the university via our online nominations form. The deadline for nominations is 05 February 2023. Only teaching staff with a link to an academic unit at Humboldt-Universität are eligible to receive the award. This includes professors, teaching and research staff, lecturers, lectors and student tutors. You can nominate both individual members of staff or teaching teams, as well as entire departments or academic units. Self-nominations will not be accepted. Further information can be found under Procedure & Jury.