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The Q-Modules have terminated in 2020.


In a Q-Module, students can complete part of a module through independent study. What makes Q-Modules special is the research-based development of the results. 



Q-Modules are most suited for those modules where the previous experience and the needs of the students are heterogeneous. In introductory modules, for example, students with extensive previous experience have the option of pursuing an alternative form of study, researching aspects of the module independently (e.g. doing coursework rather than a written examination). These students are supervised and supported by university teaching staff within the relevant Q-Module. 


Q-Modules at Humboldt-Universität

The first Q-Module was launched in Winter Semester 2014/15 at the Institute for Slavic Studies. In the Language Practice Module of the BA course ‘Slavic Languages and Literatures’, a group of native-speaking students was given the possibility of completing parts of the module through independent research-based study. As an alternative to the language work done by non-native speakers, the fifteen students carried out independent research on the links between the language, culture, and identity of Polish immigrants in Berlin from linguistic and intercultural perspectives. The students’ research was supervised by a sessional lecturer who received a teaching contract for his/her support.