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The Q-Tutorials are temporarily disbanded.

The Concept

Q-Tutorials are courses which are initiated, designed and held by students, and in which students do research-oriented work on a topic of their choice. They are aimed at students of all subjects who want to pursue a research question of their own – ideally the question would be interdisciplinary. The special feature of this form of student course is that the concept and the semester plan are developed and implemented by individual students – Q-Tutors.

Central to the Q-Tutorials is research-based learning. The Q-Tutors acquire the fundamentals of research-based learning in a workshop organised by the bologna.lab and apply their knowledge over the course of the semester in the Q-Tutorials. The aim is to involve the participating students in a research cycle – from the development of the research question to the publication of the results. In this way, Q-Tutorials offer the students who run the courses the opportunity to gather first teaching experiences while offering the participating students the opportunity to engage in independent, research-based study.


The Format

As a rule, a Q-Tutorial runs for two hours a week for one semester. In consultation with their institutes and faculties, participating students can be awarded ECTS credit points, usually in the mandatory interdisciplinary courses.

Q-Tutors running the seminars are signed up as undergraduate assistants for 12 months in total, to provide time for preparation and follow-up work as well as for the course itself.

During this time, the bologna.lab supports the Q-Tutor with a qualification programme which includes workshops on research-based learning and university teaching – and regular meetings offering the opportunity to share experiences on an informal basis.

An overview of the Q-Tutorials offered in Winter Semester 2016/2017 can be found here. Participating students can register via the online lecture list Agnes.


Applying to be a Q-Tutor

At the moment the Q-Tutorials are not taking place.

If you are interested in Q-Tutorials or have questions concerning the application process, you are welcome to contact us.



Laura Schilow



Tel.: +49-(0)30-2093-70807

Room 101-103


The following video presents some of the work of the Q-Tutors from the 2015/2016 school year. 


Results and Events of Previous Q-Tutorials


The result reports of previous Q-Tutorials can be found in our Q-Tutorial Wiki and on the edoc server of the University Library.


Hear More:

‘Sound recordings from POW camps of the First World War’ was the research subject of a Q-Tutorial in Winter Semester 2014/15. The undergraduate research group produced an audio file documenting their findings on the representation, impact and significance of the sound recordings from the audio archive of the HU. To the audiofile.


In the couchFM report with Jonas Reichert, one of the Q-Tutors in Winter Semester 2014/15, we hear about composer Johannes Kreidler. Johannes Kreidler is one of the most active and most discussed new music composers. His ‘new conceptualism’ takes music to its limits. In interview he talks about his art and the difficulty people have understanding his music. 


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