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Q-Kolleg City and Diversity

In the first week of June 2015an international student conference & workshop will take place at Humboldt-University Berlin, in which participants of the Q-Kolleg will present results of their research. Within the same week, there will be an international workshop on “Urban Landscapes in Literature, Media and Culture”. More information available soon!


Concept of the Q-Kolleg at Humboldt-University

Dr. Petra Anders and Dr. Ada Bieber (Department of German Literature) initiated the Q-Kolleg about “City and Diversity” in cooperation with Prof. Dr. John Broughton and Prof. Dr. Richard Jochum from Teachers College at Columbia University, NYC. The umbrella topic for all labs was named “City and Diversity”. It is open to interdisciplinary studies within the fields of literature, media and culture as well as its didactics and questions of pedagogy.
In June 2014, Dr. Petra Anders and Dr. Ada Bieber visited the Teachers College at Columbia University, New York City, together with students from Humboldt-University for a kick-off workshop. One result of this joint workshop was the establishment of four student labs. These labs are a platform for German and American students to share, discuss and proceed with their individual research questions. After the visit, the participants continued their joint research via eLearning sources.

Profile of the Q-Kolleg

The Q-Kolleg “City and Diversity” is based upon interdisciplinary perspectives—including literary and media theory and their didactics, as well as pedagogy and education. This broad range is due to the fact, that all participants bring diverse backgrounds in profession and reasearch interests into the labs, which offers various ankles to approach the given topics. It is one of the main goals of the cooperation to encourage interaction between different fields of humanities and student interests, as well as building bridges between the different academic systems.